Raleigh Parks Winter-Spring 2024 Leisure Ledger

There is a place for everyone in Raleigh Parks!

To allow people of all abilities to safely participate and thrive in our programs, you can count on us to: • Encourage open lines of communication about the program schedule and activity changes. • Create seamless transitions through preparedness and the use of verbal and visual cues. • Accommodate all types of learners with varying demonstration styles and instruction methods. • Modify activities to meet participants where they are. • Assign helper tasks as needed to promote a sense of belonging. • Provide support and tools for participants to refocus and rejoin the fun. - Quiet spaces - Fidgets/sensory items - Mind-body techniques and movement - One-to-one conversations • Use positive reinforcement for positive behavior. Raleigh Parks also offers Specialized Recreation and Inclusion Services for those interested in additional accommodations (see page 90).


Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

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