2030 Comprehensive Plan Update, April 2024

Urban Design

Policy UD 5.7 Neighborhood Commerce

Action UD 5.1 LEED-ND and Sustainable SITES Programs Implement the LEED Neighborhood Design (ND) certification program or Sustainable SITES Programs for neighborhoods as a possible new strategy to reduce energy and resource consumption and improve the long-term sustainability of Raleigh.

Promote small-scale commercial services in new and established neighborhoods to promote walking and cycling and to discourage unnecessary automobile trips.

Policy UD 5.8 Neighborhood Community Centers

Action UD 5.2 Completed 2014

Ensure that each of Raleigh’s neighborhoods has well-programmed community facilities, including recreation centers and libraries, within walking distance.

Policy UD 5.9 Successful Residential Neighborhoods

Successfully designed neighborhoods should include a range of building scales and densities to house a diversity of households. High-growth neighborhoods should include sidewalks, open spaces, and close access to commercial and community facilities.


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